Morya I


This collection of early dictations of the ascended master El Morya by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet acquaints you with Morya and your potential as a chela.

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Morya is an anthology of teachings of the renowned Tibetan mahatma El Morya given to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

What makes the life of El Morya so notable is his far-reaching work in merging the ancient spiritual truths of the East with the traditions of the West. He founded the Theosophical Society in 1875 and certain of his writings are now on file with the British Museum in London. In Morya we experience the strength—and tenderness—of one of the most outstanding spiritual adepts of our time.

"In this book, Morya reveals himself as the inimitable Guru. By what he tells his chelas, you discover somewhat the kind of master he is. For masters do indeed have personalities, and very strong one at that.

"He also reveals the state of consciousness of chelas and their chelaship, both in general and in particular. Hence I publish this book to further acquaint you with Morya and with yourself as a potential , or perhaps advancing, chela on the path of enlightenment through self-mastery in all planes of your being.

"Through the words and sentences punctuated by his unspeakable love and the fierceness of his zeal to set you free from mortal delusion and dalliance with the lesser self, you will find the Morya you have always known and loved--both in this life and in the worlds of the pre-existence of your soul." - ELIZABETH CLARE PROPHET


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