Masters and the Spiritual Path


#3 of Climb the Highest Mountain series offers the ascended masters’ perspective on the universe and your role in it. Discover keys for your spiritual path.

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Volume 3 of Climb the Highest Mountain series

There are Masters who have come out of all the world's great spiritual traditions. These great lights of East and West have graduated from earth's schoolroom and reunited with Spirit in the process know as the ascension.

The Masters tell us that they are examples and not exceptions to the rule. We, too, are destined to fulfill our life's purpose and reunite with Spirit.

This intriguing work offers an innovative perspective on the universe and your role in it:

  • The relationship between the ascension, nirvana and samadhi
  • The parallel structure of the spiritual and material universes
  • The difference between ascended and unascended masters
  • The function of the spiritual hierarchy and the role of the Masters
  • A unique meditation on the bliss of union with Spirit, and
  • A breathing exercise to help you balance and expand consciousness

In this brilliant blend of East and West,
you will discover valuable keys for
your own spiritual path.


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