Lords Of The Seven Rays


Learn about the ascended masters – the lords of the 7 rays. These spiritual teachers are ready to tutor you on your path to spiritual mastery.

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Pursue Morya and all the chohans of the rays – the Lords of the Seven Rays. Get to know each master through their prior lifetimes and through their dictations – those golden nuggets of timeless wisdom that bring timely help and solace to our hearts.

By exploring these seven paths of spiritual mastery, you gain comfort, inspiration, and invaluable keys to untying some of life’s knotty problems. The Lords of the Seven Rays bring you the initiations and the teachings of Maitreya’s Mystery School. Learn how to attend their soul training in their etheric Universities of the Spirit as well as drink in the essence of their hearts delivered in these landmark dictations.

“A chela must understand that he is earning God-mastery on each of the seven rays. Just one of these rays will not suffice. We have to have the balance of the seven rays to move on. We have to have friendship, love, interaction and a figure-eight flow with the Lords of the Seven Rays. They each embody a specific ray and the law of that ray. They initiate us in our chakras.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

An introduction to seven ascended masters who are ready to tutor and revitalize your soul. Reviews their teachings, their past lives and their universities of the spirit.

By exploring their unique paths to spiritual mastery, you will find comfort, inspiration and invaluable keys for your own walk with God.


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