Path to Attainment


#9 of Climb the Highest Mountain series culminates the 33 steps of initiation on the path of attainment. Contains keys to propel you towards the ascension.

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Volume 9 of Climb the Highest Mountain series

This contains Chapters 30-33, the end of the Climb the Highest Mountain series, of the Everlasting Gospel .

How to find your way Home…Your blueprint for graduating from earths schoolroom.

The completion of the outline of the thirty-three steps of initiation on the ladder of attainment. Apply these keys from the Masters to propel your soul towards the ultimate reunion.

Profound yet practical, what it takes to finally master life on earth.

Learn how to:

  • Contact Masters who can mentor your soul on the spiritual path
  • Achieve spiritual mastery in your life
  • Chart the cycles of your karma – good and bad
  • Recognize twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships
  • Give and receive energy in harmony
  • Understand the spiritual role of sexual energy and the consequences of its misuse


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