Path of Brotherhood


#4 of Climb the Highest Mountain series recounts the fall of man in past ages and the spiritual keys to brotherhood needed to recreate a golden age.

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Volume 4 of Climb the Highest Mountain series

Prior to the ”Fall” on the ancient continent of Lemuria, men and women lived blissfully in a golden-age paradise. Their souls evolved in love, peace and harmony. Everyone embodied the principle of being their brother’s keeper.

In the dark ages that occurred after the fall, souls lost their moorings, their sense of unity and oneness with God and became increasingly aware of there sense of separation and outer differences. Today, many pay lip service to the principles of brotherly love while their minds are often full of condemnation, and they are seething with emotion against one another. Even some churches have become more engaged in the struggle with one another than in training men and women for the vicissitudes of life.

In The Path of Brotherhood, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet demonstrate how brotherhood is possible, and crucial, today. They take a mystical look at the Twelve Tribes, the Twelve Apostles, the Golden-Age Family and spiritual keys to reaching world brotherhood, which includes the realization of a spirit of unity and cooperation in spiritual organizations.


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