Odyssey of Your Soul


This voyage of self-discovery is Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s insightful interpretation of the rites of passage and inner drama hidden in The Odyssey by Homer.

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A Voyage of Self-Discovery. This book follows Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s insightful interpretation of the rites of passage hidden in one of literature’s most popular epic poems, The Odyssey, by Homer.

The drama of Odysseus is an inner drama. His relationships and encounters mirror back to him parts of his own character that he must confront.

Odyssey of Your Soul is a practical understanding of Homer’s Odyssey that directly meets the need for a workable and meaningful spirituality in a world where adults and youth alike are striving to navigate their own unique odyssey.

Odysseus character is complex, containing strengths and weaknesses. In this book his journey home is discussed as a series of trials in which his inner task is to transform the negative aspects of his character into their positive counterparts.

The brilliance of Homer’s tale is that Odysseus character can be seen to represent each one of us. Every episode offers insight into human nature. Underneath the intense battles and mythical encounters, the Odyssey can be read as an acknowledgment of the universal struggle to return home to our true self, to become whole, to be the hero or heroine we are meant to be.

A symbolic reading of the Odyssey offers an understanding of why we so often know better, but fail to do better. If we can understand and anchor the lessons of Odysseus journey, we will better understand our own inner odyssey.


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