Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul


Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul

A Soul’s Journey Prior to Birth

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A Soul’s Journey Prior to Birth

Imagine this . . .

A baby’s soul in heaven is waiting to be born. She* has already had her life preview with wise and loving spiritual guides. Together they worked out a specific life plan for her based on her greatest needs.

She has mixed feelings about her plan. She is excited about the mission of love and healing for which she has been studying and preparing. She can hardly wait to apply what she has been taught since her previous life on earth. She knows her parents and teachers will help her fulfill her mission. And most of all, she sees the effects of her mission touching hundreds, then possibly thousands of souls across the world.

Yet she has some apprehension and concern about her life plan. Her challenges in life will be difficult. But she knows that most of these challenges are simply the return of her own past mistakes coming full circle. Her compassionate guides have given her wise counsel to help her overcome these challenges.

She also knows that after she is born, her mission will become only a faint memory. She is keenly aware that she may be distracted from her mission, especially during her teenage years. She can’t afford to lose any precious time and wonders if she will make the right choices along the way. But she knows that her friends in heaven will not desert her. And her guardian angel will always be there to guide and protect her.

As she looks around her at the wondrous beauties of her heavenly home, she tries to remember what it feels like to be in a physical body—especially as a helpless baby. She vaguely remembers how slow and heavy the earthly body feels compared to her light body.

A Baby’s Soul – Relationship to Parents

And she thinks about her parents. Her spiritual guides have shown her specific experiences she had with the souls of these parents in previous lives. Her past experience with the soul of her father has been, for the most part, positive and harmonious. She takes comfort in knowing that.

Her mother for this next life was her daughter in a past life. Some painful scenes from that life still play before her mind. She was harsh with her daughter and often belittled her. Thus her remorse is deep, and she has agreed to be the daughter this time around. She will have to endure by her heart’s love whatever hardship must come between them—and forgive.

In recent years, she has watched from heaven these two who are to be her parents. She watched as their paths brought them together in this life, as they courted, as they fell in love, as they shared their thoughts, married, established a home and hoped for children.

She watched as they rejoiced when her mother’s pregnancy was confirmed and then as they prepared a room for her, exulted in her growth in the womb, bought the sheets and blankets, the tiny clothes now folded, lying in neat rows.

Even now as she listens to their conversation about her birth, she feels their joy and expectancy. Her heart wells up with eagerness to live on earth again. To be with the souls of her parents again, her sister a long-lost friend, a brother to join them. And then much later, a family of her own!

Just now, everything is possible. She knows who she is, where she has been and what she needs to do. She knows her strengths and weaknesses and what she must overcome in this life. She knows she needs to repay old debts to some she has known before and will meet again.

She reflects on how long she has been waiting for the opportunity to be born again. And she thanks God for another chance to make things right.

Soon she will enter the birth canal. It will be scary, but she’s done it before. It won’t last forever. And then she’ll take that first breath and be held close to her mother’s breast.

She draws closer to her parents. She can’t wait to smile at them and to give them all the love of her heart. How much she needs them!

On this soul’s journey, it’s almost time . . .


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