Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine


Elizabeth Clare Prophet offers a unique perspective on the feminist movement based on the lost Gnostic teachings of Jesus – his lost teachings on woman.

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Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine explores the archetypal role of the Divine Feminine in Eastern and Western spirituality and helps to clarify the position of Mary Magdalene. Early Church leaders denied Jesus’ message on reverence for Woman and on the inner feminine potential of both man and woman. As a result, his teaching was lost for 2,000 years and only recently rediscovered in ancient texts.

Answers today's controversial questions:

  • Is God only Male?
  • Who is the Divine Mother?
  • What was Jesus relationship with Mary Magdalene? Were they married?
  • Gender has no bearing on spiritual attainment - Female apostles
  • What is original sin and why did early church fathers create it?
  • Does celibacy for priests actually work?
  • What was Jesus teaching on womens roles in church and society?
  • Does gender have a bearing on spiritual attainment?

Will knowing the answers to these questions change our lives today? Yes, it will.

Knowing the truth that has been secreted away for nearly 2000 years will set us free spiritually and allow us to have profound relationships with our parents, partners, children and even with our Father/Mother God.

What does the feminine side of being look like in modern times for both men and women?

Consider new trends to develop the intuitive, creative, sensitive, right side of the brain; the team approach to business; the "soft side" of management; the accent on relationship building. These are indicators of the culture of the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

Elizabeth Clare Prophet offers her unique perspective on the feminist movement that never got off on the right foot because of what early church fathers did to Jesus true teachings on woman, which would have elevated her role in church, state and society. This view of the Divine Feminine honors the feminine aspect of God in everyone this knowledge of a Father/Mother God provides true liberation for man and woman.

Mrs. Prophet also opens a door to the soul of Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus, a relationship that transcends the historical details that may be argued by scholars for decades or centuries to come.

Special Features: Question & Answer section, 2 maps

Softbound, 320 pages, 1 color and 25 B&W illustrations


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